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Adoption Policies

Application Process.

While we understand and appreciate your enthusiasm about adopting, we want our prospective adopters to be aware of a few key points regarding our application process.


Pet Status: It is our policy not to accept applications for our dogs, until they become available for adoption. At the time our Directors feel a dog is medically and behaviorally sound to be adopted, we will change the status of the dog on our website and other adoption sites/social media to "available for adoption". At this time and this time only will we accept applications for consideration. In rare cases, we will allow "pre-adoptions" (typically with puppies under 6 months of age). Please contact us if interested in pre-adoption.

How we choose our adopters: Often people make the mistake of thinking that because they were the first to apply or show interest in one of our dogs, they have then laid claim to that particular dog and expect to be given first opportunity to adopt him or her. It is our policy to choose the best possible home for each of our dogs, which is often NOT the first application we receive. Each dog is an individual with individual needs. As a rescue organization, it is our responsibility to choose adopters based on their ability to meet the needs of the individual pet, NOT the timeliness of their application. We will typically have an open application period for each of our dogs once they become available, during which we will accept & screen applications. Based on the findings of our application screening process, we will then select applicant(s) we feel are best suited for that dog. At that time, we will move forward with an in-person meeting.


Meet and Greets: Meet and greets are reserved only for preapproved adopters, and are by appointment only. We are a foster-based rescue and we do not have a facility open to the public. We ask that if you are interested in meeting one of our adoptable dogs, you first submit an adoption application and review our our step-by-step adoption process/fee schedule before attempting to schedule a meet and greet.

Adoption Fees. We are no longer able to reduce or waive our adoption fees under ANY circumstances. Our adoption fees may seem high to some, however, the reality is they do not cover a fraction of the costs associated with rehabilitation, medical care, housing of our grateful dogs. If you are a prospective adopter who is struggling to cover adoption fee, please let us know. In some cases we can consider a payment arrangement that will suit all parties involved. 

Our goal is to find the RIGHT home for each of our adoptable dogs. There are many factors that go into this decision, so please be patient with us as we choose the best possible adopter!




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